Decriminalsing drug taking is criminal.

Posted by Steve on February 21, 2017 at 8:45 PM
Alternative thinking some times is good; but sometimes it is just plain stupid. To decriminalise the taking of meth for personal use is just plain crazy. Why? because when you decriminalize it then law abiding people think it is ok to try. The same thing happened with marihuana; the courts and Police were getting bogged down in this as a crime so they took it off the books. This is extreme. Simple analogy;If you took speed restrictions off our roads because we were capturing too many people speeding then great, the cops and courts would be freed up, though the road carnage will increase. It is a crime to poison your body and a crime when under the influence of these drugs they run amok. So we need to keep it as a crime and not desensitize people to what is wrong. Keep it as a crime and let the justice system dispense justice as they see fit; whether that is going into the health system or into jail. Let them be dealt with properly. Dealers in meth there is only one recourse; mandatory sentencing; minimum 6 months, though I would prefer 20 years. People who deal in death shoud be sentenced accordingly. Thankfully the Greens put me last on their how to vote card; just as I have applied to them. We are streets apart in thinking.

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