What I am committed to:

My Girls and their future!!!
Fixing Cockburn traffic congestion
  • Build Roe 8 - stop the bickering and petty politics
  • Build North Lake Road overpass
  • Upgrade Hammond Rd and Russell Rd to a dual lane roundabout now!
  • Get better vehicle access to Cockburn train station; Knock Place is diabolical.
  • Upgrade Armadale Road, Stock Road, and Cockburn Road; 4 lanes with grade separation
  • Pace development with proper transport on a timely basis
  • [if that means slowing down development, so be it]
  •  Fix train lines on North lake, Rockingham, Barrington and Russell Rds; we should be better than a 3rd world country

Improving community connectivity
  • Build more pedestrian overpasses; Gateways, Sporting facilities and Atwell College
  • Build more east - west links south of the river
  • Build underground rail joining Fremantle, Coogee, Cockburn, and Jandakot
  • With security and safety paramount; security lighting and paths; we need more suburb audits;proactive not reactive.

Improving crime fighting effectiveness
  • Recruit 1,000 more Police officers
  • Put more Police patrols on the road
  • Operate Regional Police station 24 hours per day
  • Make judges more accountable and reflective of community values
  • Set mandatory sentences for crimes against the young and the vulnerable
  • Set mandatory sentences for evaders in police car pursuits - jail time
  • State needs to help us keep Outlaw Bikie gangs out of our suburbs; follow Queensland's lead.

Improving how we are governed
  • Hold public and elected officials to much higher standards - no exceptions
  • Make local councils more accountable and more transparent to ratepayers
  • Make council rates fairer, Dept. Local Government to give true comparisons on rates.
  • For penalty rates for abnormal hours; fairs fair.
  • Fair work place agreements; no watering them down

Improving what we do for our kids
  • Improve the effectiveness of our schools and our teaching
  • Improve and extend the services and the sports available to children and youth
  • Provide family and youth facilities at affordable prices; sports, leisure & recreation

Environment; preservation and protection

  • Identify bushland forever and enshrine in law to make it "forever"
  • Work with Dpaw to protect our coast; coastal activities & development within reason
  • To dispel myths on Roe 8 and to keep the community informed on its benefits.
  • Beautify the Power line easement;an eyesore. Potentially a great pedestrian/bicycle link